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Live For Liv

I’m really jealous of all the people who actually knew Liv, because I would’ve loved to meet her. She seems like a lovely and caring person.

But as people say ‘You’re only recognised when you disapear’ I only found out about this wonderful girl after she had committed suicide.

April the 3rd will be her one year memorial. And even though I never knew her, it still feels like I did.

The 1st of May; it should officially become Olivia Penpraze’s Appreciation day.

Because this young girl thought that no one cared about her, she thought that she was alone, she thought that no one would listen to her.

But this is out time to show her that she was wrong, even though she’s long gone, she is still remembered and loved.

Sign this <html=>petention to make May the 1st a special Olivia appreciation day